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Security and Access Control System



A security and access control system—is designed to allow only authorized personnel and visitors access to secure areas inside your facility. The system provides automatic access control across multiple zones within a single facility, as well as across multiple facilities.


The system allows the monitoring and control of personnel passing throughout the facility by means of electronic card readers, RFIDs, hand geometry units, fingerprint scanners, keypads, and balanced magnetic switches. These devices are backed by a special communications multiplexing system and a set of redundant servers that use an open architecture.


The ACS grants access authorization for individual doors by accountability sector, day, and time. The system authorizes visitor access with escort personnel only when a valid escort card accompanies the visitor's card. Specialized two-man rule processing can be prespecified at designated vital area portals to require the proper personnel access credentials be presented within a set time period. You can also interface an asset-management application with the ACS so that sensitive site material remains fully accounted for.


The system displays all abnormal access requests via an alarm on a specified security console. Event categorization depends on the access infraction.


All information is then stored in an archived, relational database management system, allowing subsequent retrieval and analysis of underlying data. The system can also accommodate your current badge system—maximizing your existing investment—and allow existing security system data to be directly imported.