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ELV - Who we are?


     To ELV, the human is extremely important and the most precious assets, for we understand: In order to provide our clients with perfect IT services, the human is the first and foremost factor.. Our technical staff is young, professional, aspiring, passionate in conquering new sciences and technologies and always work exhaustively to serve our clients. We always bring to our clients optimal Infrastructures solutions as well as provide them with the best support they need. We aim at highest achievements in our work and walk abreast our clients toward the future.


ELV - What we do?


      We provide our clients with advanced technologies, optimal solutions and processes in order to help them perform important tasks in face of the challenges of the new era – that of e-business. We do help our clients: 

  • Overcome all distances – to move toward globalization and economic integration by way of e-services, e-trading (B2C), e-business (B2B), anywhere, anytime, by any means.


  • Build the confidence – through mastering technologies, ensuring security and information secrecy.


  • Create competition advantages – maximally develop the creativeness; increase the speed and effectiveness in production and management.


  • Develop the mutual benefit co-operation with clients, partners, and distribution channels.
    We assist our clients in effectively applying IT solutions for purpose of achieving results commensurable with their investment and help them attain a mighty development in all aspects, which makes them outgo all of their competitors. Our services consist of:
    • Providing solutions
    • Customer support
    • Sales
    • Training


ELV - How we do it?


  • Provide perfect technical services out of all our heart and ability. Sincerity and devotion to our clients are the fundament to build long-term co-operative relations.


  • Plan for annual strategies on the basis of actual needs and our ability. Plans are built in specific details and cover the whole company, from the leaders to the employees. Control and supervisions are conducted regularly to ensure the successful achievement of the projected targets.


  • For purpose of ensuring the real effectiveness and benefit, all services are analyzed and evaluated carefully before they are delivered to the clients. Services are provided to clients in a complete, quick and accurate manner, in strict compliance with quality assurance processes.